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Bone's Café - Composer // Sound Design

Bone's Café released on Steam in 2022 to universal praise. It was picked up for a weekly Let's Play series by notable streamer Stumpt, and featured in the "Dream Hack" Competition. It is coming to Nintendo Switch soon!

For more info, check out the official Steam page:


Genre: Lofi  Hip-Hop 

Brass Bellow - Composer

Brass Bellow is a gorgeous open world game currently in development by Golden Turnip Studios. I am composing all the music. 

Official site:

Currently In Development

Ekklesia: Fall of the Watchers 

Ekklesia is my first original game as a solo developer. It's free to play on! Head over to the games tab for more information about the project. Or  you can click the link below to go directly to the game's page.

Official site:

Genre:  Classical/Electronic/Metal

GV - Itch Cover - No Subtitle.png


Mizuwari is an interactive narrative game by Studio Tsubaki. The game features a cozy Dreamcast vibe, while also weaving together a surreal, mysterious tale.

The soundtrack is a nostalgic mix of late 90's/Early 2000's influences, and also looks to modern soundtracks like VA-11 HA-11-A.

Official site:

Genre: Ambient // Synthwave


Event Horizon - Composer // Producer

Event Horizon is the debut album by my band Glowing Moses. It covers an enormous amount of musical ground and was released in 2021 to critical acclaim. I acted as the main songwriter, and co-producer. 

Read what critics have said: 

"Fantastic, an addictively euphoric and simultaneously emotive moment to escape into, from a band who impress both lyrically and performance-wise throughout this stunningly relevant and mighty soundscape." - Rebecca Cullen,

"After listening to Event Horizon multiple times, I'm pleased to find that it just keeps getting better each time. Whether they're putting on a rock show or displaying some beautiful, quieter musicianship in one of the album's three instrumentals, Glowing Moses is just impressive...Event Horizon will be a contender for my top ten list this year, and I can't wait to hear what's next for them." - Scott Fryberger, JFH Blog

The rest of our discography is also available on Bandcamp:

Genre: Progressive Rock 

Event Horizon.jpg

Ready, Set, Projects! - Composer

"Ready, Set, Projects!" Is a YouTube channel dedicated to the mechanical adventures of Colby Robbins. I was hired to create the theme song, as well as several other music tracks to accompany the videos. I wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the tracks myself. 

Genre: Rock // Blues

Pizza Parlor Panic! - All Audio

"Pizza Parlor Panic!" Was created for the Narrative Driven Jam 6 in 2022. We had 10 days to create a game from scratch. I handled all of the audio, including composing, creating and implementing all my own sound effects. I also helped design the core gameplay. Unfortunately, development was plagued with unforeseen issues (*cough*...Covid-19...*cough*) that caused us to submit an unfinished version...without audio! But we've slowly gone back and updated the build into what it is today. You can play it for FREE right here:

Genre: Lofi  Hip-Hop, Orchestral

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