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Brass Bellow 

Golden Turnip Games

Composer/Sound Designer

Brass Bellow is a gorgeous open-world action/exploration game being developed for Steam. 

I am composing all of the music, which includes designing the adaptive music systems. 

I am also creating original sound effects and jingles, as well as assisting with sound library curation and the overall mix. 


Acute Owl Studio

Composer/Sound Designer

Grimshire is cozy farm simulator with a dark twist: you must help your fellow villagers survive the deadly plague. 

The game is currently in development for Steam, and will enter early access in 2025. I am composing the music, as well as creating the sound effects.


Bone's Café

Acute Owl Studio

Composer/Sound Designer

Bone's Café released on Steam in 2022 to critical acclaim. It was later ported to Nintendo Switch.

I composed the soundtrack as well as designed  supplementary sound effects for the developer. I also provided some character voices.


Dread Tales

Eisenstadt Studios

Sound Designer

Dread Tales is a narrative driven, first person survival horror game. The game is being developed for Steam and will go into early access in late 2024.

As the sound designer, I am responsible for the creation and implementation of all sound effects. 


Ekklesia: Fall of the Watchers

Sole Developer

Ekklesia is an action adventure "MetroidVania" game developed entirely by me using the Unity engine.

All music and sound effects were created and implemented  using Reaper and FMOD.

The game is available now on

GV Screenshot 4.png


Studio Tsubaki

Composer/Sound Designer

Mizuwari is an interactive narrative game from Studio Tsubaki released on in 2022.

I produced all of the audio including music, sound effects, and ambience.

The game is available now on

Mizuwari ScrShot.png

Pizza Parlor Panic!

Game Jam

Audio/Game Design

Pizza Parlor Panic is a visual novel, card based cooking game that was developed as part of the Narrative Jam 2022.

I helped design the game, as well as created and implemented all of the audio. The game was created in Unity, and the sound was implemented with FMOD.

The game was finished in just a few days.



Glowing Moses: Event Horizon

"After listening to Event Horizon multiple times, I'm pleased to find that it just keeps getting better each time. Whether they're putting on a rock show or displaying some beautiful, quieter musicianship in one of the album's three instrumentals, Glowing Moses is just impressive...Event Horizon will be a contender for my top ten list this year, and I can't wait to hear what's next for them." - Scott Fryberger, JFH Blog


Event Horizon.jpg
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