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Selected  Work  History

Examples of my work can be found at the "Reels" and "Projects" tabs of my website. 

Notable  Skills

  • Unity / C#

  • FMOD / Wwise

  • Excellent communication

  • Management experience

  • Advanced DAW skills

  • Shipped games

  • Team player


Brass  Bellow  -  Composer

Brass Bellow is an open world game currently in development by Golden Turnip Games. I am creating the soundtrack as well as creating custom sound effects when needed.

2021 - 2022

Bone's Cafe - Composer / SFX 

Bone's Cafe released on Steam in 2022 to overwhelming praise. It has sold over 3,000 copies and is coming to Nintendo Switch. I composed all the music, and provided assistance with sound design.


Ekklesia - Sole  Developer

Ekklesia is my first original game. I handled all aspects of development including programming, audio, and design. To see footage, head to the "Games" tab of this site. 


Mizuwari - Composer / SFX

Mizuwari is an interactive narrative game from Studio Tsubaki released in 2022. I created all of the audio. 

2019 -2021

The Exchange - Manager

The Exchange is a video game retailer in Northeast Ohio. After receiving consistently high marks for customer service I accepted a management position. I helped with everything from logistics to employee development.

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